Playing the Blame Game

Mahatma Gandhi said ‘ we always blame others for our short comings’. How many times a day do we blame others for something we did. do we stop from blaming one another as humans. No, we blame God when there is a problem, we blame our karma or ancestors, our nations, politicians, etc. Are we always wrong in blaming others? are we at fault at any given time? Need not be but then we forget to analyze the situation and our ego plays dirty and hence the easiest way to feed our ego is to blame others.

I watched a program on alcoholism and the comments i saw under the video shocked me. one person defended his drunken habit. he blamed modern woman who failed to stay home and change his ways, he blamed the society for selling liquor, he blamed the failure of joint family. He spoke as if he could not have touch alcohol if he was in joint family. What i ask is, isnt he an adult how can he blame others. he must have common sense to stop something which he knows is bad for him and others. No one forced him to drink, it is a habit which he himself choose but now blaming others and finding reasons to paint a holier than thou picture.

Same with spiritual fanatics. If alcoholism is addiction then spirituality is also an addiction for many. They think they are Gods because they pray, perform pujas or wear saintly dresses. These are worst culprits in the society, ugly viruses who destroy sane peoples mind with filth. They manipulate peoples problems to gain money in the name of meditation camps and self improvement programs. If you follow them you might see God or get your problems solved is what is pushed into the minds of people who is already looking for reasons to bypass their issues. They find spirituality or religion an easy escape with which they can blame their karma or ancestral sins for their present state.

When are we going to take control of our issues and first see and change what is wrong in us rather than blame everyone else? God made man this much we know for sure, but then waiting on him to solve problems of billions or blaming him for your own actions and reactions is childish and not a mature humanly act. Funny people even change Gods (religions) thinking this God is no use that God might help. You every action here this moment is what is going to fix your future.



Sow seeds of love, compassion and good will today and reap such benefits manifold tomorrow. Try to water a healthy seed in everyone around you and see the change in their attitude and life. Telling someone how beautiful they are is a healthy seed which will make them happy. Praise someones timely actions, help someone in need, sit and talk with elders, appreciate a childs action… the seeds are many waiting to be watered to grow into abundance. Make it a point to feed as much seeds of love, happiness and peace in others and in you.