Zero Tolerance

Are we forgetting what it is to be Humane?

The Delhi Rape, minor rapes of 5 years old and 10 year old?? What is happening??

How much low can a human being behave? where is Morality and compassion?


I remember an incident which our Abdul Kalam once recounted.. he was on a foreign trip and there happen to be a bomb blast nearby. the next morning hoping to see the papers covering the story in detailed he was shocked to see the blast story featured as a small column not even in the front page. The main news items were all positive development and other news features.

Look at our newspapers and Television Channels? what are they inculcating in the minds of their viewers and readers? Are we not bearing the brunt of the violence, porn and inhuman behaviors shown on TV and in movies?

I remember some 20 years back the only tv channel was DD network. We had no serials or drama back then. Only programs about farmers, culture and very selected political coverage was shown. Movies were only weekly and so were the cinema duets. WE were not bored to death or was distracted by internet or mobiles back then. Life went on and we had other fruitful things to do than just sit before television sets.

Look at the plight of common people today? 24/7 entertain on tv not in one but multiple regional, national and international channels. Are we really engaged?? we keep on hitting the channels one after the other restlessly sighing and mumbling that nothing is good. Then we change over to our mobiles or xbox gaming, after few minutes that sucks then go in front of the computer which fills up your whole attention with all types of LIVE entertainment. Later around midnight you hit the bed only to realize you cant sleep so again to the fridge for your binge eating, tv, mobile texting and internet all in one go LOL.

We are in a world which gives us all and much more than we need and before we ask for. that is the major problem. We have no time to watch the morning sunrise, the birds chirping or the child’s gibberish mumblings. Our brain needs serious de-fragmentation i say just like we do in our weekly cleanups for the computer. we think we are living in a fast world but in reality our brain is much slower and our natural instincts are extinct. we mechanically eat, sleep and work more like robots.

Its time see how the Matrix is over powering us. It is time to wake up and ACT.

Why not think about giving back something to the society we have so much manipulated over the years?

You need not start a NGO or shell out your bank balance for this. Just a little smile or a loving hello at a lift or a warm Good morning to your old neighbor can make so much difference and spread so much positive energy. Think think think it is time to WAKE UP AND ACT,…

Lets not continue this anymore lets have the attitude of zero tolerance to mechanically and robotic human behavior. Open up, Get out, Look up the moon is smiling and the stars are singing WELCOME BACK…. 🙂 ❤


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